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Specific Applications

   Arm Toning
   Cardio Booster
   Strength Training
 Special Needs
   Adaptive Exercise
   Dementia Fitness
   Multiple Sclerosis
   Muscular Dystrophy
   Seated Exercise
   Athletic Trainers
   Coach & Athletic Director
   Strength Training
   Breast Cancer
   Lowers Blood Sugar
   Occupational Therapy
   Physical Therapy
   Stroke Recovery
golf swing training aid

golf training device

Professional Quality Golf Training Equipment By HeartFlex
   "…As a PGA Professional I myself use the HeartFlex to strengthen hands, arms, and chest for golfing activities. Along with these benefits I get vital cardiovascular exercise. All in all I find the HeartFlex to be a winner…"
- Ted Mills, PGA Pro Golfer

This Video shows how to use the HeartFlex to
Control your club - Control your ball - Lower your score

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Create A Smooth Golf Swing With The HeartFlex
Golf Swing Training Aid
   "The HeartFlex Upper Body exercise tool is an excellent warm up tool for golfers. It creates a continuous, light resistance throughout a range of motion. The tool takes your upper body through a number of exercises and motion, which are necessary for a smooth golf swing."
- Dr. Christian Reichardt, author of Pain-free Golf

Prevent Golf Injury With HeartFlex Golf Exercise Equipment
The Product Reviewer's Perspective:
   "…the HeartFlex a perfect way to warm up for golf…The neat thing is that the HeartFlex can be used standing, sitting, walking, or lying down, working out on a treadmill or stair climber, or even watching TV…I give the HeartFlex high marks for versatility…"
- Bob Fagan - product reviewer for "Golf Today" Magazine

The Doctor's Perspective:
   "The HeartFlex device is portable and easy to use, and would make a smart addition to any golfer's pre-play warm-up and overall conditioning routine."
   Injuries to the wrists, forearms, and elbows account for a significant percentage of golf-related injuries.
   Most golfers don't realize that the golf swing places significant stress on the body that can result in nagging injuries. Furthermore, most recreational golfers fail to appreciate the importance of a proper stretching and warm-up routine before playing a round of golf or hitting a bucket of balls at the range."
- Dr. Larry Foster, M.D., F.A.A.O.S., author - Dr. Divot's Guide to Golf Injuries

Reverse Golf Injury With HeartFlex Golf Fitness Equipment
   "The HeartFlex upper body exerciser is, without reservation, the best fitness product to reverse…golf injury."
- From Dr. Kimberley Williams article entitled "HeartFlex and the Golfer"

Portable Golf Training Equipment You Can Use Anywhere
   "Take it to the office, hotel, or anywhere you want a great workout. Need to warm up before your next round of golf? HeartFlex will do the job."
- Bill Livingston, "The Gear Guy" Golfer's Tee Times Magazine

golf exercise equipment
Wrist Rolling

golf training device
Wrist Rolling

golfing aids
Forearm Stretch

golf training device
Forearm Stretch

golfing aids
Wrist Twisting

golf fitness equipment
Wrist Twisting

golfing aids
Golf Swing

golf training equipment
Golf Swing
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