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Walking Fitness
HeartFlex on the Beach

Cardiovascular Exercise
HeartFlex on the Treadmill


   "Whether as a strength builder, a cardio workout, or a rehabilitation device, I give the HeartFlex high marks for versatility. At $39.95, it is affordable too.

   The neat thing is that the HeartFlex can be used standing, sitting, walking, or lying down, working out on a treadmill or stair climber, or even watching TV. Depending on how and where you move the grips, it can isolate any upper body muscle group.

   The resistance is actually light, but consistent and over time, it will prove valuable to either a fragile senior citizen or a conditioned athlete.

   This ingenious twistable bar with grips on either end is a terrific piece of equipment where light resistance and multiple repetitions are desired. That makes the HeartFlex a perfect way to warm up for golf or tennis or any activity for that matter. Like swimming, this sophisticated little machine produces "consistent resistance" through motion in any direction, critical to building strong, dense muscle tissue. This is made possible by 18 precision ball-and-socket joints, not springs or rubber bands."

— Bob Fagan - product reviewer, "Golf Today Magazine", May 2005

   HeartFlex - A Must-Have Fitness Tool!! - 01/20/2014

   How would you like to have a fitness tool that was lightweight, small, portable, and allowed you to work on upper body strength while you're walking, jogging, riding in the car or an airplane, or sitting at your desk? Sound too good to be true, right? Well, it isn't! I recently leaned about HeartFlex, and I was so excited when I received a HeartFlex Fitness Tool for review.
   The HeartFlex is a very simple tool that is quite ingenious. What appears to be a short piece of tubing with handles on each end, is actually your key to upper body strength and toning. The piece is made up of 19 interlocking ball and socket parts, and features a comfortable handle at the ends. There are various ways to use this and each different exercise or "move" works different muscles. The key to using HeartFlex is simply repetition! I started out with the basic arms, chest and back exercise. When you start out, it might feel like you're not accomplishing anything. Keep it up for 10 - 20 minutes though, and you'll realize just how much it is working your muscles! HeartFlex lists various exercises on their website, and also sent along a dvd to help with proper technique, and demonstrates how to use it. I recommend watching the dvd before use, just so you have a good idea of what and how it works.
   I honestly love the HeartFlex, and how it works the upper body-arms, shoulders, chest, back, and even wrists! I can use it while walking and get a good arm workout in!
Hope's Cafe Blog

   Hi John,
   I have just ordered my 3rd Heartflex. I love this thing! I've been using mine for about 6 years now; and am replacing my 2nd one. These really work! I will be 61 later this month and I feel great. Thanks so much for this product!
— Chip M.

    I have been using the Heart Flex for at least 3 years.

   I have maintained weight and importantly toning. Your Heart Flex device has truly inspired my continued running and exercise routine...I ran 100 miles last month ...not bad.

   Whether I am running or doing an inside workout the Heartflex is part of my daily routine. Heart Flex is definitely easy to use ...and also motivating as I do my daily workout!

— Claudia, l - N, New Jersey

   "You can feel the burn instantly. It has made a huge difference in my forearm and wrist strength. It is so small and convenient I take it in my car and can use it anywhere, while I'm working or watching TV. I would recommend it to anyone. "

— jkowitz

   ""The HeartFlex device is portable and easy to use, and would make a smart addition to any golfer's pre-play warm-up and overall conditioning routine."

   Injuries to the wrists, forearms, and elbows account for a significant percentage of golf-related injuries.

   Most golfers don't realize that the golf swing places significant stress on the body that can result in nagging injuries. Furthermore, most recreational golfers fail to appreciate the importance of a proper stretching and warm-up routine before playing a round of golf or hitting a bucket of balls at the range."

- Dr. Larry Foster, M.D., F.A.A.O.S., author - Dr. Divot's Guide to Golf Injuries

   Dr. Foster, M.D. is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and self-described "golfing nut". Trained at Columbia University and the Hospital for Joint Diseases in New York City, Dr. Foster has been in practice in New York for nearly a decade. We highly recommend purchasing his book -
Dr. Divot's Guide to Golf Injuries

   "Mo' is hitting the ball straighter and farther than ever before, since combining the HeartFlex with a heavy club on a daily basis. On a recent trip back from Cincinnati, Mo' did hundreds of reps with the HeartFlex and boy, is he ready to play!

   Not only is it not a toy, I haven't put it down for three days. It is tremendous. The DVD, which I watched first as per your instructions, was very helpful. The HeartFlex device is one of the most efficient cardio and forearm exercise implements that Mo' Golf has ever encountered."

— Ronald Montesano, owner,

   "I can't tell you all the HeartFlex does because I'm constantly finding new ways to use it. I am over 60 and had developed sagging pecs. I am almost back to my look of 30, at least in body."

— Rick H., retired and getting better every day

   "I think the HeartFlex is great - it has helped me so much giving me more strength to use my wheelchair with less arm and shoulder pain. Just purchased a second one as a gift for my brother so he can prepare for the Cricket season here in England."

— Regards Jude W.

   "The HeartFlex Upper Body exercise tool is an excellent warm up tool for golfers. It creates a continuous, light resistance throughout a range of motion. The tool takes your upper body through a number of exercises and motion, which are necessary for a smooth golf swing.

   Made out of space age plastics and using recent breakthroughs in modern molding technology, the HeartFlex uses 18 precision ball-and-socket joints to create the consistent resistance. No jerky or abrupt motions are noted. It is a wonderful warm up tool as well as training tool for golfers. It can be used sitting or standing, and does not require complicated routines to be memorized. It is simple, easy to use, very effective, lightweight and affordable. A highly recommended tool!"

— Dr. Christian Reichardt, owner,

   "…I use the HeartFlex to strengthen hands, arms, and chest for golfing activities. Along with these benefits I get vital cardiovascular exercise. All in all I find the HeartFlex to be a winner…"

— Ted Mills, PGA Pro Golfer

   "We think your slogan should be: "Looks are deceiving" since Deb, who works with me didn't think much of the product until she used it and now she's a convert to it. It's great!"


   "The HeartFlex upper body exerciser is, without reservation, the best fitness product to reverse…golf injury."

— From Dr. Kimberley Williams article entitled "HeartFlex and the Golfer"

   Read the complete article

   "Aside from swing mechanics, a great deal of attention is now being focused on fitness levels of golfers.

   HeartFlex can be used when walking, jogging, standing, sitting and even lying down. Take it to the office, hotel, or anywhere you want a great workout. Need to warm up before your next round of golf? HeartFlex will do the job.

The four basic exercise routines are:

1) the general upper-body exercise;

2) the forearm exercise;

3) the wrist exercise; and

4) the curl exercise.

   At approximately $40, this product is useful to the golfer and non-golfer alike."

— Bill Livingston, "The Gear Guy" - Golfer's Tee Times Magazine - Nashville, Tennessee

   "This has been great for my hands, wrists and arms. And the cardio effect is incredible. I love making people try mine out for just 12-20 seconds. It really surprises everyone. Your product is the most amazing exercise tool I have ever seen. I am a lifelong golfer who has played over 45 years. Throughout my schooling and beyond I have played and competed in at least five organized sports. I wish I would have had the Heartflex 40 years ago. I have two now, one in my home gym and one in my travel bag which is great for when I am on the road. It folds up so well I take it every where with me.


   I have now bought the Heartflex for my family and close friends as Christmas presents for them to remember."

— Mitch C.   December 2005

April 7, 2012
   I received an email:
   Hi, my name is Justin. I'm 14 years old. I really want to improve and become a better athlete so one day I can play at a good college. Please could you help me?

April 13, 2012
   What is your favorite position?
   Pitching and playing short stop.

July 23, 2012
   Do you have any feedback yet?

Hi Mr.Corbin,

   I've been using it everyday and I really like it. I didn't see any huge body changes (like bigger biceps and chest) but I did definitely see changes in my grip strength. I also got more flexible. I know because the stretches with the HeartFlex that were hard for me are now much easier. I do it everyday as part of my warm-up and also at night. My forearm and wrist always feels really warmed up and ready before I play. I haven't felt any pain or soreness in my arm at all. Usually I feel a bit sore after pitching or long tossing. The soreness was always in the lower and inner elbow. I haven't felt that pain for a long time now. I could definitely tell you my pitching and hitting grip and flexibility improved. I feel that my arms got much stronger although its mass didn't increase much.

— Justin from Flower Mound, Texas

   "As both a videographer and video editor, the Heartflex has proved to be a terrific exercising device for me. It's made my arms and forearm stronger which has really improved my hand held shooting. And as an editor sitting behind a desk all day, it lets me get in workouts while my computer renders complex sequences - no more just staring at the screen. Light, sturdy and at a great price, I highly recommend the Heartflex."

— Marcos E. Gonzalez - Videographer/Editor

To whom it may concern:

Re: HeartFlex exercise device

   "This device has been used in several classes at The Diabetes Center. It is easy to demonstrate, and patients find it simple to use. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver. It would also travel well. It may be used in a standing or sitting position and can be effective for patients at varying degrees of fitness. We have observed drops in blood sugar from 10 to 60 points after only 5 minutes of activity."

— Denise Riesman RD,CDE

   "My classes love the addition of the HeartFlex! I am using them at an assisted living facility where the population is less conditioned than the Silver Sneakers."

— Bonnie Livingston - trainer Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh, South Hills

   "…Yes, I tried the HeartFlex and shared it with some of my staff. I think it is a useful tool that can be used while people are walking to add an upper body component to physical activity…"

— Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko, Ph.D., Professor and Head, Department of Kinesiology,University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

   "…I love the HeartFlex! When I first started I could only move it for 1/8 th mile of my usual mile and a half walk. Now I'm up to moving it for 3/4 of a mile and can really feel the difference.

   The HeartFlex is a unique resistance device that works the muscles of the arms and torso. It is fun to use while walking or jogging but can be used sitting down. Several other BCRC staff members are now trying it out and I've found it is best for me to work with it every other day when I'm doing my fitness walk. After just a week, I can already feel a big difference in muscle tone."

— Alice Wilson - Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Clinic, St. David's Hospital, Austin, Texas

Alberta (Bert) C., 72 years young,

   "I like it, its fun to play with. It gives you something to do with your hands. I've never enjoyed exercise, but this is fun!"

Alice F., 77 years young,

Alice, who walks 1 1/2 miles per day, said about using HeartFlex, "This is fun! This keeps your mind off things. I would use it in my apartment every day.


— Waterford Retirement Community - Houston, Texas

   "…It arrived yesterday. At first look I wasn't real positive, but after doing some of the exercises I have changed my mind. I am also letting someone from work try it while they do their walk around the complex. I'm waiting for their comments."


   "The comments I got from my co-worker were very interesting. She typically walks around the complex once or twice a day. I would say she is in the best shape and she is active and walks at a quick pace. She eagerly wanted to try the HeartFlex after I showed it to her."

   Yesterday in Chicago, our temperature was getting close to 80 degrees. She came back after her walk red faced and looked a bit tired. She said she could only do one of the exercises for about half of her walk. For her it was too much.

   "I see this as very good thing. It points out to me that while you might not think there is much effort required to do the exercises for a period of time, you had better think again. I am not after a short term gain, but would rather do the exercises over a larger amount of time to get the long term benefit."

— Larry J.

   "Using HeartFlex has strengthened my wrists and forearms which allows me to go on longer motorcycle rides! I keep it on the couch and use it while I'm watching TV."

— James F.

   "I wanted to let you know that my brother-in-law’s father loves using the Heartflex. I just spoke with him and he said he uses it for his exercises every morning."

My best regards,

— Jeanine L.

   "I am ordering my 2nd HeartFlex device. These are great! Very easy to use and a great variety of exercises for the upper body. Also, just the right amount of resistance. It seems easy at first, but will definitely give you a workout. Thanks for a great product!"

— Chip M.

"I am an occupational therapist from New Jersey, working in an inpatient rehabilitation facility. I stopped by your booth at the AOTA convention in Houston back in April. I purchased your incredible HeartFlex tool and have loved its uses for not only my patients, but for older family members as well. "

— Ashley G., OTR/L

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