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Muscle Strength fitness exerciser for hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, chest, and back plus cardio workout Athletes fitness sport exerciser for upper body strength and cardio workouts
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Specific Applications

   Arm Toning
   Cardio Booster
   Strength Training
 Special Needs
   Adaptive Exercise
   Dementia Fitness
   Multiple Sclerosis
   Muscular Dystrophy
   Seated Exercise
   Athletic Trainers
   Coach & Athletic Director
   Strength Training
   Breast Cancer
   Lowers Blood Sugar
   Occupational Therapy
   Physical Therapy
   Stroke Recovery

Walking Fitness
HeartFlex on the Beach

Sculpts Arms, Sculpts Chest, Sculpts Back
HeartFlex on the Treadmill

"Swimming Without The Water"
   The HeartFlex is so special that it's protected by 3 US patents. It works solely by friction. It is totally passive and must be forcefully moved. This "passively resistant" attribute replicates the benefits of swimming but, "without the water." Like swimming, HeartFlex consistently resists all movement, increasing muscular strength, maximizing flexibility, and speeding recovery from injuries or surgery. And, just as swimming is the best workout for any age or fitness level so is HeartFlexing. Both may be made as easy or challenging as desired by varying the rhythm and number of repetitions performed. And, like swimming, different movements target specific muscles and joint structures.

Bead Assembly

   The Heart Flex resistance assembly is made up of nineteen interlocking ball and socket parts. The eighteen joints between these parts create frictional resistance whenever they are moved.
   Heart Flex is made to unleash the time proven benefits of swimming exercise by combining "consistent resistance" with multiple repetitions to:

Builds the most strong, dense muscle tissue.
Boosts circulation.
Improves flexibility and endurance.
Burns lots of calories.

Strengthens Forearms
HeartFlex Exercise Device

Technical Specifications:

Length: 25"
Weight: 9 ounces (just over 1/2 pound)
Main flexible body: 1" diameter
Handles: 11/2" diameter and 43/4" long

What it Does...
Increases heart rate - burns more calories ..... Heart
Using the HeartFlex when walking, sitting, or lying down increases heart & pulmonary rate, lymphatic flow, and burns additional calories. By varying the rhythm and number of repetitions the physical intensity generated can be either gently increased or dramatically raised.

Builds strong, firm muscles that work ............. Flex
HeartFlex creates frictional resistance which affects muscles through the complete range of motion that is performed. Elite athletes build the strongest, most dense, muscle tissue possible by combining light resistance with multiple repetitions. Muscles formed in this way have consistent power and explosive speed.

Targets and strengthens specific upper body muscles
By altering exercise movements the HeartFlex isolates specific muscles and joints. This attribute makes it ideal for the targeted building and rehabbing of both "functional" and "sports specific muscles." HeartFlex's versatility allows the pinpointing of individual muscles in the hands, wrists, forearms, arms, shoulders, chest, and back.

Treats strains, sprains, and tendonitis
HeartFlex's "consistent-passive" resistance speeds healing and lessens the likelihood of re-injury during therapy. Similar looking products using springs or rubber bands produce "progressive-cocked" resistance which may overload sensitive healing structures.

Lowers blood sugar levels
Easy to demonstrate, simple to use; drops in blood sugar levels from 10 to 60 points after only 5 minutes of activity. See: Lowers Blood Sugar

Boosts lymphatic flow - cleanses the body naturally
The heart is the circulatory system's pump. Likewise, the pulmonary system's pump is the lungs. HeartFlex upper body exercises work the lymphatic pumps located beneath the chest muscles (pectorals). Stimulating these pumps, through muscle flexion, increases the circulation of lymphatic fluid and facilitates the body's natural cleansing process, assisting in the elimination of harmful toxins.

Develops muscle speed and flexibility
A boxer's "speed bag" workout combines easy exertions with multiple repetitions to maximize muscle speed. HeartFlex utilizes the same principals to improve muscle speed.

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Builds Health and Fitness, Speeds Healing
HeartFlex for Athletes

Senior Fitness
HeartFlex for Walkers

Cardio Fitness
HeartFlex for Families

Increases Heart Rate
HeartFlex in the Gym

The Heart Flex
Hand-Held Exerciser
The HeartFlex - Made in the USA
Made in the USA

Passive Resistance Exerciser
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Why It Works
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