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kid exercise equipment
HeartFlex for Walkers

exercise equipment for kids home

HeartFlex Produces the Benefits of Swimming - Without the Water

childrens exercise equipment
Swimming builds a strong flexible body while it boosts circulation, improves endurance, and burns calories. Swimming works by combining easy resistance with multiple repetitions. HeartFlex's patented resistance assembly uses the same principals to produce identical results - without the water. HeartFlex is kids exercise equipment that lets children workout in their own home and at their own pace.

HeartFlex - Because It Is Fun Exercise Equipment For Kids
    If children don't use it then it won't help them build fitness. Weights are heavy and boring. Springs and rubber band powered products can snap back and injure. And both only build strength - not overall fitness. Adding repetitions to HeartFlex movements also boosts cardio endurance - like swimming. HeartFlex is lightweight - about a half a pound. It can't snap back and cause injury and HeartFlex is totally silent so it won't interfere with TV watching. It is easy and fun to do.

"Fiddling" With HeartFlex Builds Upper Body Muscle Strength
   Therapists call this variety of kids workout equipment a "fiddle" because children keep it handy throughout the day and "fiddle" with it . HeartFlex allows kids to begin slowly and develop strength and endurance at their own pace.

HeartFlex Works For All Fitness Levels
   Like Swimming - HeartFlex is easy enough for the beginning exerciser and can be made difficult enough to challenge the most conditioned athlete - just by adding repetitions.

HeartFlex Habitualizes Children's Exercise And Fitness
   The goal is to make exercise and fitness regular activities in children's lives. HeartFlex kids exercise equipment quickly builds strength and endurance and success breeds success. The more fit and healthy a child feels the more play, exercise, and sports they will perform. A body in motion tends to stay in motion. HeartFlex works for all fitness levels. Build strength and endurance as a family fitness project and HeartFlex with your kids.

HeartFlex Exercise Equipment For Children Lowers Blood Sugar Levels
   "This device has been used in several classes at The Diabetes Center. It is easy to demonstrate, and patients find it simple to use. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver. It would also travel well. It may be used in a standing or sitting position and can be effective for patients at varying degrees of fitness. We have observed drops in blood sugar from 10 to 60 points after only 5 minutes of activity."
--Denise Riesman RD,CDE / Beverly Krohn MS,RN,CDE, The Diabetes Center.

HeartFlex Exercise Equipment For Kids Home
   Children may want to exercise but may be intimidated by gyms and the awkward feelings of "being looked at" that accompany the changes occurring to their growing bodies. HeartFlex may be used in the privacy of the child's home to avoid these embarrassing situations.

Kid Exercise Equipment That Strengthens Hands, Wrists, Arms, Chest, Shoulders,And Back
   Different HeartFlex movements allow the targeted training of specific muscles, joints, connectors, and structures improving sports performance, functional tasks, and hand eye coordination.

Improves Flexibility
   HeartFlex exercise equipment for kids quickly increases range of motion (ROM) with patented technology which lets children be in control of their own joint manipulation.

Boosts Circulation And Burns Calories
   Heart Flex stimulates the vascular, pulmonary, and lymphatic circulatory systems. It Increases circulation which assists the body in naturally removing harmful toxins. HeartFlex may be used by itself or combined with walking for a super workout.

HeartFlex - Children Fitness Equipment That Prevents Injuries
   HeartFlex conveniently and effectively performs warm ups preventing cold muscle injuries. It stretches muscles to their optimum length before strenuous exertion. Muscles have been compared to taffy. If you stretch taffy when it is cold it tears and breaks, after being wormed up it will bend and stretch without structural damage.

HeartFlex Kids Workout Equipment Strengthens The Entire Muscle Movement
   HeartFlex's resistance assembly builds muscle strength consistently over the complete range of motion that is performed. Other products, using springs and bands, create inconsistent resistance resulting in muscles that are not able to produce dependable power through their complete range of motion.

Compact, Portable Childrens Exercise Equipment For Home And Away
   HeartFlex weighs only nine ounces and packs easily making it a great travelling companion for everyday use and extended trips.

kids workout equipment

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children exercise equipment  childrens exercise equipment
kids exercise equipment
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children fitness equipment
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